Valueation is a hands-on investor focused on small and medium sized enterprises in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the U.K.

As we are willing and able to facilitate a direct operational involvement, we are able to quickly create value within our portfolio companies which enables them to stabilize, restructure and (prepare for) further growth.

Our focus
We generally seek a hands-on/supporting role. If circumstances are such, we also take on management roles to either direct or support an e.g. restructuring or a growth program. We always work closely with the management team to enhance growth and value. Valueation normally takes a majority stake in its investments. Under certain circumstances we are willing to take a minority stake.

Origination of our funding
Valueation B.V. is a hands-on investor focused on medium sized enterprises in the Netherlands, specialized in buy&build as well as turnaround situations. Valueation has a long term investment horizon, hence:

  • It is funded by both personal money and external funds with a long term mandate.
  • We are not bound by any institutional investor or any covenants by external institutions and investors.
  • Hence, we have the flexibility to invest in opportunities we prefer and in which we could add true value.
  • There is no deadline on an exit from our investments so we invest long term only.
  • We do not “buy and flip” companies to ensure a quick return for ourselves.